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The Cost of Bad BehaviorHow Incivility Is Damaging Your Business and What to Do About It by Christine Pearson & Christine Porath

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“Two towering figures, Christine Pearson and Christine Porath, have now condensed their valuable finds in an agile and eminently readable book. I urge leaders of all stripes to spend a week reading it, reflecting on it, and then planning vital organizational culture changes accordingly.”
— P. M. Forni, professor, Johns Hopkins University, and author

“Want a plan of action to cut costs at your firm? You will find one in this book, which can save your business some serious dollars.”
— G. Richard Shell, Thomas Gerrity Professor, Wharton School of Business

A vitally important, profound, original, and timely book. Blessedly brief, poignant, and clearly written, this book offers concrete advice that can bolster not only the bottom line but also the lifeblood of any business.”
— Edward Hallowell, MD and author

“A highly readable and deeply insightful book.”
— Warren Christopher, former U.S. Secretary of State


The Misleading MindHow We Create Our Own Problems and How Buddhist Psychology Can Help Us Solve Themby Karuna Cayton

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This is truly a manual for becoming a happier and kinder person.”
— Rasmus Hougaard, managing director of the Potential Project

“Karuna Cayton’s analysis and method in The Misleading Mind are well thought-out and should be a great help to readers.”
— Lama Zopa Rinpoche, spiritual director of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition

The Misleading Mind shares the profound depth of Buddhist psychological wisdom in a wonderfully inviting and accessible way. I highly recommend it.”
— Peter Fenner, teacher and author

“Through his many years of deep study of Buddhist psychology, sincere introspection, and work at helping others, Karuna Cayton has gained genuine wisdom, which he generously shares in The Misleading Mind … This is a clear, grounded, and useful guidebook for working with the mind and heart.”
— Lorne Ladner, PhD, psychologist and author


Breaking Newsby Martin Fletcher

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Fletcher’s intense tales read more like a thriller than a memoir.”
— Entertainment Weekly (Grade: A-)

“For decades Martin Fletcher has been the gold standard of television war correspondents, and his new book is a real-life, cross-continent adventure story. It’s a great and moving read.”
— Anderson Cooper

“A stunning and memorable account of reporting from some of the most dangerous places in the world.”
— Tom Brokaw

A page-turner and a marvelous read.”
— Connie Chung

“A sobering but unforgettable account. An eye-opening, deeply felt memoir.”
— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“A journalistic tour de force.”
— Library Journal


“Successful Onboarding: Strategies to Unlock Hidden Value Within Your Organization” by Mark Stein, Lilith Christiansen

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“Bringing a new employee on board can be the start of a rewarding relationship or the beginning of a missed opportunity. This smart book can teach you how to make the most of each employee’s career starting on Day One.”
— Daniel H. Pink, author

“This book has the potential to change the way that we think about new hires and what is possible from the group. With the instruction provided, you can migrate onboarding from the administrative to the strategic, and deliver far greater value for your enterprise.”
— Betty Thompson, Senior Vice President, People Services, Booz Allen Hamilton

“People are a company’s most important asset. Successful Onboarding makes the case for the importance of effective onboarding in setting up employees for success.”
— Stephen Squeri, Group President, Global Services and Chief Information Officer, American Express Company


The Art of SignificanceAchieving the Level Beyond Successby Dan Clark

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“Dan Clark shows how success is but a stepping-stone to the real prize–making a difference that benefits others. He offers commonsense tools for character building and focusing on the greater purpose. Mr. Clark’s work affirms my belief that ‘the best exercise for the human heart is reaching down and lifting another up.’”
— Jon M. Huntsman, Sr., founder and executive chairman, Huntsman Corporation

This is one of the most important life-changing and enriching books you will ever read. Rare and remarkable insights and transformational laws that will help you not only become successful but significant. Destined to become a classic!”
— Jason Jennings, author

“I recommend The Art of Significance as a must-read to all of the officer, enlisted, and civilian personnel enrolled in our professional military education courses. In this extraordinary read, Clark articulates the highest laws of life-changing leadership while illustrating the practical application of our core values: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.”
— Lieutenant General Al Peck (USAF, retired), former commander of Air University, the intellectual and leadership center of the U.S. Air Force