Driving ExcellenceTransform Your Organization’s Culture — And Achieve Revolutionary Resultsby Mark Aesch

By September 16, 2014 Business No Comments

“Reading this book, business owners, government officials, and shareholders alike will discover what can be accomplished when government actually runs on common sense and creativity.”
— Steve Forbes, CEO, Forbes Inc.

“Americans, take heart: The lessons offered in Driving Excellence will help corporate boards, Congressmen, and even our public schools dazzle us with their performance. The results that Aesch and his team have put up on the scoreboard make it clear our country can have a game plan for winning big again.”
— Lou Holtz, ESPN commentator and former Notre Dame head coach

“Watching the commitment to excellence that Aesch and his team have brought to balancing value to taxpayers with a quality service to their customers should give all of us hope for the future.”
— Mike Critelli, former CEO, Pitney Bowes, highlighted in Jim Collins’ classic leadership book “Good to Great”