Deeply moving, extraordinarily thought-provoking, and entirely humane.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“This is truly an unforgettable and amazing story–heart wrenching, inspiring, and ultimately reassuring. There’s no denying the searing pain of heartbreak, but also no denying the strength of the human spirit to carry on. I can’t imagine a person that this wonderful book won’t touch. I loved reading every page.”
— Wolf Blitzer, CNN anchor

“The reader will come away with admiration for the courage of a young boy and for the boundless dedication of his devoted family. A deeply moving book.”
— Harold S. Kushner, author

“A work redolent with the wisdom and the joy wrung from pain. Eyal and his family deepen our understanding of what it means to love.”
— Rabbi David Wolpe Sinai Temple, Los Angeles and author