The Behavior BreakthroughLeading Your Organization to a New Competitive Advantageby Steve Jacobs

By September 16, 2014 Business No Comments

The Behavior Breakthrough is an outstanding work and a must-read for every leader. The combination of behavioral concepts and models along with examples of real world application is exceptional. This book captures a body of knowledge that every person who wants to become a truly great leader must learn. The book is both practical and impactful. I applaud the team at CLG for compiling such a needed piece of leadership guidance. I wish this book would have been available at the beginning of my career.”
— John Kealey, CEO, Decision Lens, Inc.

The Behavior Breakthrough is a tremendous read that provides a very practical and doable behavior-focused approach to achieving improved results. This book provides the education and formula for leading successful change in an easy-to-understand way. For those who require actual proof points before buying in, like me, The Behavior Breakthrough specifies what companies have achieved—real value, quantifiable returns, and sustainable higher performance.”
— Pamela Monahan, Former VP Fortune 500 Client

The Behavior Breakthrough lays out the next generation of thinking on effective leadership in a world of accelerating change and competition. The authors unpack incredibly complex ideas into deceptively simple building blocks for game-changing leadership. Committed to getting new results from your team or business? Apply the wisdom contained in The Behavior Breakthrough.”
— Jennifer Ciccone, Vice President, Human Resources, Matthews International